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It hasn't been a very good weekend.

I planned to catch up on a number of things but I just . . . didn't. Mostly because I spent most of the time napping. I read some stuff, and then I fall asleep. Perhaps it was because I wasn't feeling very well on Friday -- you know it's going to be a bad afternoon when a headache appears out of nowhere and you get into the lift and it moves and your first thought is oh shit, I'm either going to faint or throw up while another three girls are looking at you worriedly, but luckily I didn't do either, or I would've been mortified for the rest of my life.

I can't figure out what triggered that episode. Probably a weird combination of cigarette smoke and someone's perfume (though usually both of those things are more likely to send me into a sneezing fit instead of causing a migraine), or heck, maybe it was the weather.

Well. In any case. Most things I wanted to do this weekend didn't go as planned. I'm already behind the January start for [community profile] intro_to_cs; I didn't do anything last weekend either (not even Python installed, whoops!) so now it's two weeks I need to catch up with. I'll have to find time during the week for this.

Also I need to reply to emails and comments and write up some stuff but I'm already yawning. (Which really seems unfair considering the amount of time I spent sleeping.) Tomorrow, maybe?
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. . . You know, even with Dreamwidth's subscribe without giving access thing, I'm still afraid of subscribing to people. (This has nothing to do with how Dreamwidth does things -- it's just me and my insecurities.) Why am I so absurd.


Completely unrelated: things I must (must must must) do by the end of the week:

1. Dreamwidth patch for bug 1813! If you're wondering why you still don't have an option to display your userpic on the left or the right of your entry/comment, it's because of me hogging this bug and taking forever to complete it. Even if I don't finish and submit it by this week, at least I should get more done for it! Geez. I had this lofty idea, once, that maybe I could work on submitting one patch a week, since I pick up the reasonably easy bugs. 1813 is reasonable easy if you know CSS (and I do know CSS and I'm not really intimidated by the bug) but we have so many styles it just takes forever. I should at least get the Tabula Rasa–based ones done so I can submit that part of the patch! . . . And then stay away from CSS bugs. XD

2. Tag wrangling-y things for AO3. I have more claimed fandoms to my name now but not many of those are fandoms with existing fic, and I doubt there'll be much fic for it even for Yuletide. But I really should check what's already there. And upload my own fics. Hee.

I felt like there were more things, but I can't recall them. Ah well. Two is a good number.


Oh, LJ. Since the commit has been rolled back, I'll just shut up about it. (Still! Impressive back-paddling!)
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I always feel mildly benevolent towards Thursday nights. Mainly because the next day is Friday so I don't feel too guilty about staying up late, XD. I know the logic's flawed (I still need to get up early to go to work on Fridays), but there you go.

. . . And now it's Friday morning, and I haven't managed to finish drafting this post. XD Oh well. My kindly feelings towards Thursday nights will have to be expounded upon some other time.


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