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Wednesday, 13 April 2011 08:19 pm
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A few things, in no actual order of importance:

• There is a style class being conducted over at [community profile] style_system; the first session starts here, and the syllabus is here. If you want to learn how to modify or make a layout, that is the place to go. It starts from the very basics, so even without any knowledge of CSS or S2, you'd be able to follow.

I guess I actually already know most of the things listed in the syllabus, but it'd be great to actually properly learn S2 this time around. XD

• There's an April Showers Challenge over at Archive of Our Own, where the challenge is to upload your fanworks. Which reminds me, I still have a few fics I had meant to upload but kept . . . putting off. (I'm not even entirely sure I want my name attached to some of those any more, ahaha. We'll see.) If you don't have an AO3 account, I have an extra invite. PM me your email address and I'll send it your way. :)

• I've been taking the bus to work lately so it's been giving me something like an extra 1.5 hours a day to read. (For some reason I can't seem to fall asleep on the bus despite knowing that it's quite impossible for me to miss my stop.) So I've been reading instead. I'm awfully flighty about reviewing stuff, but my Goodreads profile is here if you're interested. I also try to keep an updated list here in this journal.

What I'm still grappling with right now: Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver and I curse the thickness of the book every time I try to stuff it into my bag. Woe. I've been reading it for almost a month (a month!) on and off, and I'm only around two-thirds done with it asfdfljg;flg. A good thing it's interesting. If nothing else it gets an A+ for diagrams annotated in Latin.

• What I should be doing: writing fic for Doink! Final Fantasy Exchange. I haven't started yet! It is far too early to panic, but I am terrified of the tonberry.

Apparently there are only four things! I'm getting worse and worse at this updating thing.
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Is there some sort of milk crisis going on? The store had chocolate milk, and strawberry, and those weird coffee flavoured things, but nothing else.

It was also out of coriander leaves. Daun ketumbar. Cilantro? I'm not sure which is the more common name. They only had parsley. I should have bought those and potatoes instead, hmm.


I finished Hilary Mantel's Wolf's Hall. The book was long, and it felt much longer than it actually is. Despite that, I rather enjoyed it, though I went through it feeling somewhat puzzled, because I can't seem to place the historical events at all. Not that I know much about the Tudors or Thomas Cromwell. I found myself thinking, vaguely, Elizabeth will end up being queen, right? (the thought ended up being irrelevant to the story anyway), and I just ploughed through the whole thing and simply filed Thomas Cromwell under "to look up later", though I've done nothing of the sort yet.

I've finally picked up one of Graham Greene's books to read. (In my head, I can hear my sister going, "Finally! You're giving him a go!", even though in reality my sister isn't one to insist that I read anything. We stay out of each other's reading lists, mostly. Our tastes don't overlap much.) There were a few on her shelf, and I picked The Quiet American, mostly because it was the most recognisable title to me. There are quite a few of his books there: Our Man in Havana, The Human Factor, maybe one of the travelogues, and I know The End of the Affair is somewhere in this house. I'm nearly midway through, and I keep wondering where this is going. For some reason I had half-expected a spy story -- I blame this article. Also: there are lines in French. My French is so rusty I'd probably need a tetanus shot just attempting to sound the words.

At least it's not a thick book. Wolf's Hall was a pain to lug around; it was over 650 pages and hard to cram into the usual work bag.
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I do not understand why people punctuate sentences with LOL. Well, to be fair, I guess people don't understand why I end my sentences with XD either. But every other sentence? Why? It's not that there is anything particularly funny in the post.

I sound snippy. Sigh. I guess I've been feeling slightly down these days, cause undetermined. I feel vaguely distressed over a number of things (and the fact that I can't even pinpoint what it is that's troubling me troubles me even more) and then I keep thinking, why am I being silly over things I can do nothing about? And I end up getting more upset. Yeah. Someone knock me out of this stupid loop.

Today is Friday, Friday, Friday. (. . . And now it's Saturday. I take way too long to draft posts.) I have so many things I want to do I end up doing none of them.

What I keep planning to do:
  • Upload that patch for bug 1816 again. I can't even get this simple thing properly submitted. Sheesh. (This actually needs tweaks. There have been themes -- well, at least one theme; I am horribly behind in everything -- added for Negatives, so I might as well set colours for those as well.)
  • Work on bug 1813. There is progress here, I swear. (I should try non-styles things next. Try to pick up more Perl. Spend some time actually going through tutorials.)
  • Finish Dorothy Dunnett's Gemini, because otherwise I'll never go to bed on time. (Damn you, Nicholas.)
  • Write a book review, or two, or three. (I've been saying this since when, now?)
  • Finish sewing that curtain. (Yes, it is still on my floor.)
  • Replay Final Fantasy XII.
  • Write fic!

Archive of Our Own open beta starts soon! Isn't that grand!
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asdjflhfgkf;. Has anyone else read Dorothy Dunnett's The Lymond Chronicles? The first book is titled The Game of Kings, if it helps.

Reading the books is making me incoherent (in a good way! . . . I hope!) and I have no one to flail about helplessly at. Help?


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