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Ok. So. I now have an account at Pinboard (username: yati), though I imported my bookmarks from Delicious as private so there's nothing to see there. I'll probably make them public one of these days. And while I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that Delicious will (eventually) get all its old functionality back up, I think I'll be using Pinboard as my primary bookmarking site for now. I do like Pinboard a lot, mostly because it lets you save your bookmarks as private by default. I had to use Greasemonkey to modify the CSS, though -- the link colours and the line-spacing made me twitch.

I also deleted my Google+ account as well as my Google profile, mostly because I couldn't agree with its real names policy. None of its services that I currently use needs a user profile, so I'm content with that.


Where I am when I disappear: mostly at work. I was hoping that things were going to settle down, but now it's beginning to look that this running about in a panic is going to be the norm.
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I think I now know the meaning of patience. It involves things like these:

I've had a problem with intermittent connection since last week. My ISP and phone company is TM, and the only reason it's still around is that there's no other reliable (hah) service around, and it controls the landlines anyway. I called the helpline last Tuesday (that would be 13 July) and after the usual (rather inane) questions about lights blinking and switches switched on and buttons pressed, this bit of conversation ensues:

Tech: Ok, go to the Start button, then All Programs, then Accessories, then Command Prompt.
Me: *tries not to bang head against desk*
Tech: Ok, you got that? You see a black box?
Me: *bangs head against desk* Yes.
Tech: Try this: type ping -- Penang, India, Netherlands, Ghana -- and space, then Can you read the statistics on the fifth line?
Me: . . . Yes.

Then we ping more numbers.

that's just the start )

This entry was written over a course of a week, hoping that it would end with "the internet's back!" each day and I would be able to post it. Took a while, didn't it. I hope I won't be writing another entry tomorrow going through this whole thing again.
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I hate my internet connection. Hate hate hate. I have lost count how many times it has fizzled out today. Even when it was working, it was pretty damn slow, but I am already too pissed off at my current service provider to upgrade to a better account. The one that I have now is not supposed to be bad. And rumour has it that the upgrade doesn't do much anyway.

Waiting for the connection to come back so that I can access web pages is bad enough, but bearable. The intermittent connection killing my SSH sessions and disconnecting me from IRC -- that is just evil. Especially getting disconnected from the SSH session. ARGH. I was doing something, damn it.

(. . . What the heck, the connection died again as I was typing this. This is why I draft everything elsewhere.)

Sigh. Let's see if we can balance this with some good news. Here we go:

  • I now have an Archive of Our Own account! If you need a reason why you should support the effort, it's this: FANDOM OWNS THE SERVERS. That has to be the most awesome thing ever. You can request for invites here.
  • I finally managed to upload the patch for bug 1886 and made a bit more progress with bug 1813 before the internet connection went nuts. Damn you internet connection!
  • Uh. Off the internet, I've managed to potter around the garden a bit and trimmed some of the wayward looking plants, so the garden looks a bit tidier. It won't last with all the rain we're having, but I can live with that.

Why are weekends so short! The other weekend projects listed in last post are definitely doomed.

askjhfldhff;;; The connection died again just before I hit post. Did I mention that I hate my internet connection. Yeah.
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Waaaah. My notebook's monitor just died a violent and sudden death. The computer can still boot up; I was able to log in while the screen flickered and wavered, but it's quite impossible to do anything using it right now. I probably could try connecting it to another monitor but that's just too much effort.

Now I'm using my brother's old laptop, which has an odd keyboard (and you need to punch in the key to get a comma) and is surprisingly slow even though it is actually newer than the monitor-dead notebook. (I am frugal. Sue me.) I was planning to get a new computer anyway, but the old one did not have to die -- I was planning great things for it! Like installing Ubuntu! And stuff! ;_;

The earliest I can send the notebook for repairs is next weekend. Which is also, incidentally, when I had planned to get a new one. I didn't even tell it my plans and it sprung its revenge on me! O, how could you, once trusty notebook!

Now I am slowly installing Firefox add-ons here with hopes that I will be able to manage for another week.


Here's my excuse for not watching True Blood this time -- it was on the other computer! >.<


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