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Why is it when it's something about Gaza and Palestine there's almost no noise at all about it? From BBC News: Deaths as Israeli forces storm Gaza aid ship; from Malaysia's The Star, which reports: Two Malaysians on board aid ship attacked by Israeli warship.

I find this completely unacceptable.

Sigh. With that, on to what I was originally going to post. This was drafted earlier, when I wasn't feeling all that disgruntled with the world.

Final Fantasy Exchange gifts were revealed last week! (This journal: definitely not the place to find breaking news.) I'm just glad to say I had managed to escape from being doinked by the tonberry, even with my horrible last minute efforts.

Here's the gift I received, Forget-me-not by Person, and I love how it fits neatly into the FFVIII canon. It's about Ellone and Irvine, and being the only ones who remember, and I really like how Irvine is portrayed in this.

There are lots more stuff posted at the exchange here: DOINK! Final Fantasy Exchange 2010 so go take a look. I haven't found the chance yet to trawl the archive, but I'm sure there are a lot of awesome stuff.

Like this piece of fanart, Valediction (Final Fantasy X, Yuna and her aeons), by [personal profile] cumuluscastle which is so gorgeous, omg, and so soft and sad.

adventures in tonberry dodging (or, what I wrote for the exchange) )


Now I have to go and relinquish my claim on bug #1813 before I forget. Poor bug. I can't seem to find time for it, and each time I look at it after a few days, I forgot what it was I had done earlier. Another note to self: don't claim these CSS bugs any more, please, you'll just make yourself feel horrible later. >.> I should finish up poor Strata instead, and get a patch for it submitted, and help cut down the number of styles that need conversion in [site community profile] dreamscapes.
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Eeeeh. I wonder why people are still asking me whether they can use Flexible Squares at Dreamwidth. (For, um, anyone who joined the party late and never made the connection, I created and submitted Flexible Squares for the style contest at LiveJournal ages ago, and it was made into a system style over at LJ.)

I have nothing against anyone using the style at Dreamwidth. Or anywhere else, for that matter. It's just this: with all the styles Dreamwidth currently has, and the flexibility of Core 2/Tabula Rasa, you don't need Flexible Squares. It's old news. Completely outdated. Can be thrown out of the window and fed to sharks. (Also its default is in ugly blue/grey colours.)

. . . I am tempted to fiddle with the CSS for Core 2 and coming up with something that looks exactly like Flexible Squares, just to prove my point. Well, just CSS won't be enough, but it won't take up to over 1,000 lines of S2 like last time.

. . . Then people will be asking why the CSS they've been using over at LJ doesn't work here. XD You just can't win this one, I guess. There's no way I'll use some of the class names we had for FS. I was young and not very bright then. I am still not very competent with CSS now, to be honest.

Uh. Let me finish bug 1813 first, and that style still in limbo in [site community profile] dreamscapes, before getting grandiose ideas.
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I hate my internet connection. Hate hate hate. I have lost count how many times it has fizzled out today. Even when it was working, it was pretty damn slow, but I am already too pissed off at my current service provider to upgrade to a better account. The one that I have now is not supposed to be bad. And rumour has it that the upgrade doesn't do much anyway.

Waiting for the connection to come back so that I can access web pages is bad enough, but bearable. The intermittent connection killing my SSH sessions and disconnecting me from IRC -- that is just evil. Especially getting disconnected from the SSH session. ARGH. I was doing something, damn it.

(. . . What the heck, the connection died again as I was typing this. This is why I draft everything elsewhere.)

Sigh. Let's see if we can balance this with some good news. Here we go:

  • I now have an Archive of Our Own account! If you need a reason why you should support the effort, it's this: FANDOM OWNS THE SERVERS. That has to be the most awesome thing ever. You can request for invites here.
  • I finally managed to upload the patch for bug 1886 and made a bit more progress with bug 1813 before the internet connection went nuts. Damn you internet connection!
  • Uh. Off the internet, I've managed to potter around the garden a bit and trimmed some of the wayward looking plants, so the garden looks a bit tidier. It won't last with all the rain we're having, but I can live with that.

Why are weekends so short! The other weekend projects listed in last post are definitely doomed.

askjhfldhff;;; The connection died again just before I hit post. Did I mention that I hate my internet connection. Yeah.
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I do not understand why people punctuate sentences with LOL. Well, to be fair, I guess people don't understand why I end my sentences with XD either. But every other sentence? Why? It's not that there is anything particularly funny in the post.

I sound snippy. Sigh. I guess I've been feeling slightly down these days, cause undetermined. I feel vaguely distressed over a number of things (and the fact that I can't even pinpoint what it is that's troubling me troubles me even more) and then I keep thinking, why am I being silly over things I can do nothing about? And I end up getting more upset. Yeah. Someone knock me out of this stupid loop.

Today is Friday, Friday, Friday. (. . . And now it's Saturday. I take way too long to draft posts.) I have so many things I want to do I end up doing none of them.

What I keep planning to do:
  • Upload that patch for bug 1816 again. I can't even get this simple thing properly submitted. Sheesh. (This actually needs tweaks. There have been themes -- well, at least one theme; I am horribly behind in everything -- added for Negatives, so I might as well set colours for those as well.)
  • Work on bug 1813. There is progress here, I swear. (I should try non-styles things next. Try to pick up more Perl. Spend some time actually going through tutorials.)
  • Finish Dorothy Dunnett's Gemini, because otherwise I'll never go to bed on time. (Damn you, Nicholas.)
  • Write a book review, or two, or three. (I've been saying this since when, now?)
  • Finish sewing that curtain. (Yes, it is still on my floor.)
  • Replay Final Fantasy XII.
  • Write fic!

Archive of Our Own open beta starts soon! Isn't that grand!


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