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If I were to go to London in September or October (or perhaps later, though probably not in winter) what should I do? Where should I go? The plan is to stay for about two weeks, and right now it's only two of us, so other places we can get to by bus or . . . or whatever else it is people use to get around is ok, too! (You can see I haven't done my research. This was pretty much sprung on me and my response was "why the hell not".)

I've never been to London before. I haven't been outside Malaysia in ages; last time was probably ten years ago? So yeah. Everything will be wonderful and new. So. Suggestions?

hexagons, hexagons

Tuesday, 6 April 2010 08:37 pm
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In somewhat more productive sounding news, I have decided to go back to sewing things by hand. So. Have some hexagons. Lots and lots of hexagons.

hexagons, hexagons

why I have so many hexagons )
yati: Sam, Tucker and Danny (from Danny Phantom) descending using parachutes after being ejected from the car. (seatbelts optional)
Does anyone (or do any of your friends) want invite codes to Dreamwidth? I have some extras. Thought I'd ask first before going over to [site community profile] dw_codesharing. :)


Been poking the CSS for Core 2 Testing Tabula Rasa (whoops, it's been renamed) and now my journal is a blinding sort of blue. Not a very inspired design, is it. (My design, I mean. Not the style itself.) I'm good with structure and putting things into nice, sensible blocks and all that, but making things pretty isn't my forte.

Automated colour palettes! Seriously. That's what I need!


Other stuff: playing around with code. Sifting though Dreamwidth's repository and suddenly finding myself thinking, "hey, maybe I should give this a spin!" Um. Yeah.

Things being concentrated at IRC makes it a bit difficult, though. Am I the only one terrified of IRC? It's ridiculous but true! Generally I just hang around and feel awkward, even when it's filled with people I know. I am sort of lurking in #dw and sometimes #dw_kindergarten. (Filled with people I don't know, so it's even more awkward. Social skills stat: -90!) I have yet to ask anything though.

(. . . Good grief another network timeout. This is getting embarrassing. I'll just stay out of IRC for now.)

Also poking documentation and the Wiki and looking at Perl notes and trolling through the bug list. Setting up my own development environment looks, um, not really doable (I can't believe I've been away from servers and crazy troubleshooting and version control and patch applying for more than two years. Old job, I miss you. Not.) It's been too long since I did something like this. So I applied for a Dreamhack account instead, and am puzzling through the repository and finding stuff and going "aha!" and probably will end up doing nothing but going "aha!" for a few days. Maybe.



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