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This weekend's project: a pouch! I made this after spending a few minutes before bed the last week pondering the one I got from an aunt as a gift, wondering how to attach the zip without having the whole thing fall apart.

Small pouch

Then I thought, semicircles! That solves the whole thing!

two more photos )
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I think I'll share something about sewing and mathematics today, and get to other things later. I can see people running away at the mention of maths. Come back and look at the pictures -- there are no equations, I swear!

in which I make something that has a fancy name but is actually a pincushion )

I also found the community [community profile] intertwined. Maths + crafty things ftw! Now I want to get back to crocheting or take up knitting so I can crochet/knit hyperbolic planes. XD


Other things of interest:
• There is a small fandoms friending meme going on! I have added Dorothy Dunnett's The Lymond Chronicles here. (Can you hear the crickets chirping?)

hexagons, hexagons

Tuesday, 6 April 2010 08:37 pm
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In somewhat more productive sounding news, I have decided to go back to sewing things by hand. So. Have some hexagons. Lots and lots of hexagons.

hexagons, hexagons

why I have so many hexagons )
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Urgh. I have a sore throat and a red nose and watery eyes from sneezing too much last night. It's obviously an allergic reaction to something, but I can't figure out what.

Anyway. It messed up with my plans to play with code yesterday, but at least I managed to finish the bag I was making for my aunt!

pictures of an orange bag )

I think I'll give bug 1813 a go a bit later. And maybe check and see whether there are still things in [site community profile] dreamscapes to do.

. . . Also fix my own layout I have there for submission. I keep thinking I should change some things before starting to convert it proper, but I keep putting it off. It seems like I'm having more fun poking stuff other people made than fixing my own!

Edit: ooh oh oh, I forgot to mention this! My first patch got committed this week! There was a lot of squeeing going on because of this XD.
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[livejournal.com profile] ff_exchange is back! I will sign up once I find the courage to do so!

I was also planning to post an entry about books but I haven't managed to get to it! Last month was a great month for books -- I read two books I absolutely loved: The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness, which is the type of book that leaves your heart thumping and makes you feel dazed the next morning because you couldn't put the book down and sleep, and To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis, which was a lot of things but mostly hilarious.


So. What I did over the weekend.

I finished this bag! Took me two weekends, actually, since I wasn't really concentrating on it -- it has been a mixture of reading and wrangling some stupid cross-browser CSS issues and watching TV and avoiding parties.

pictures and some rambling )

Also ended up watching bits and pieces of Infernal Affairs I to III this weekend! Siblings were marathoning through them; I just popped by now and then to admire Tony Leung. I knew that The Departed followed the film closely (and I had watched Infernal Affairs before watching The Departed though it had been years earlier) but I was kinda marvelling at how even the dialogue was almost exact at times.

I still like Infernal Affairs better than the Hollywood remake, XD.


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