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Happy new year!

Yeah, yeah. I never call, I never write. I might as well have disappeared into a black hole for all the response I've been giving to things going on around here. (Though I am on Twitter enough ([twitter.com profile] yatii) for you to ascertain I'm still alive if you are so inclined!)

There will a post. Someday.

(Hello, people from LJ!)
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Things I have meant to do for the last three months:

• post something.

Yeaaaaaah, I kind of failed at that. I kept thinking, "oh, I should post about that!" and never got to it. It's been a mixture of things, but it's been mostly apathy and lack of time. And procrastination. Let's not forget procrastination. In the past, even if I didn't post, I tend to note things down, but this time there's nothing.

So. Let's see what we missed:

• I had a birthday. It was a nice birthday, all things considered. [personal profile] arianur made me a cake. There should be pictures of the cake, but now it feels like it was too long ago to post it! (But it was a marvellous cake, nonetheless.) I also have an Amazon gift voucher thanks to my sister. I still have it, despite my birthday being in May, because I still can't figure out what I want to buy with it. As far as I can tell there's no expiry date but I seriously should start thinking about what I want to buy with it.

• I also have a cat now. A CAT. He's called Charley -- that's what his previous owners called him -- and quite possibly the most antisocial cat in the universe. He only likes me, as far as I can tell. He actually hides and refuses to come out when I have guests, which frustrates me (and my guests) because I can't show him off.

• I'm now also on tumblr, partly because of Charley. I just wanted somewhere to post photos of him. I'm yatii on tumblr, and this tag is all about Charley.

• I have a Google+ account as well, which I am still eyeing warily. I'm not certain what I'm going to do with it. It's connected to my real name (which technically is not my legal name) though some fandom people are on it.

• Work has been . . . work. I accepted a new post, which is a combination of things I used to do and some extra responsibilities. It's not really a promotion, but there's a raise, and four years doing the same thing warranted a change, and well. Why not have a go. Currently it involves being busy and not panicking, because having to listen to other people panicking is enough to send me into a temper.

• I have hit a reading slump! (Again.) Which sort of explains the unused Amazon voucher -- I can't figure out what I want to read next.

• I seem to be compensating the not reading bit with watching old television series. Right now it's Stargate SG-1. I'm somewhere around ten episodes into season one. /o\ I know, I am like totally behind. I used to watch it, here and there, but not religiously. Most of what I know of the series came from osmosis -- fandom is quite an awesome place.

So. Hello again! I am (probably) back, and will try not to be too horrible with replying to comments, etc. (Please excuse the replies to things months old -- I swear I read stuff, I just am terrible at being timely in replying to things.)
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The problem with the last few months is not not having things to write about, it's getting organised enough to actually sit down and write. My head's a mess -- I'm thinking about too many things at one time and I wake up in the morning trying to sort out my dreams. I have various drafts about various things scattered about, mostly in a document in Google docs, and some notes written in the margin of my notebook, and half-hearted scribbles over the inevitable printed-on-one-side proofs that come to my desk in the office, but none of these actually help. I can't work myself up into writing actual, decent, coherent sentences about anything.

I've never been an impulsive poster. I tend to loosely draft things and keep them for a while, and sometimes (most times) after a while it feels like the draft has become irrelevant, or too distant from what I am thinking now, so I just discard it. I start again, and go through the whole process again. Vicious cycle, that. I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing -- the internet doesn't really want me to rehash something someone much more eloquent has already said -- but it does cause some concern to some people that they start poking me just to see whether I'm still alive. XD

I am, I am. I just go hibernate for a while, sometimes.


Things I keep thinking I might post about: books, sewing projects, getting people hooked on Doctor Who (my littlest sister went through the whole of series 5 in two days, and I like to think she liked it), movies that I will never watch.

We'll see.


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