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I currently have:
  • Two (2) tabs open in Rough Draft, one of them being used for writing this entry (yes, I'm one of those people who composes whole entries elsewhere before going to the post page/clients to post the entries) and the other one my fic for FFEX. FFEX! By FFEX standards, what I already have suffices -- it exceeds the minimum length, it fulfils the prompt (well, mostly) and it's not bad! Except it could be better and it makes me goes ARGH. I am no good at plot and exposition.

  • One (1) Firefox window where I'm fiddling with the CSS of my Dreamwidth journal, and that's progressing at a way better pace than my FFEX submission despite FFEX having a deadline. Woe. I'm not concentrating particularly hard on either task, but this one seems easier. Hmm.

Tomorrow is a day of arrivals! My aunt will be arriving in the afternoon -- my sisters are going to pick her up. What this means for me: proper dinners when I come back at 9 pm. My sister's college is closed for a week thanks to the H1N1 scare, and my aunt called me as soon as she heard and said she'd like to come over so she could cook for us. Who am I to decline?

Also arriving tomorrow: someone I work with from the Sydney office who sends me grandma hugs through email! (All my other colleagues upon hearing that she was coming: "You mean the one who sends you hugs?" Me: ". . .") She's really excited to meet us and I am mildly apprehensive about the whole thing, because while I sometimes manage to sound clever in emails, I'm terrible at actual conversation.

New features on Dreamwidth: completely awesome. Now what I need is more time to spend around here.

. . . I forgot what else I wanted to say. Oh well. Twelve hours at the office does that to you, I suppose.


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