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I bet no one is really interested in a list of books I read this year. So, instead, we'll have a post with pictures and toppling towers of books.

[personal profile] renay was talking over here about her resolution to read her height in books in 2010. I was impressed by this commitment (and also by how tall Renay is)! I totally want to do something like that but I had no idea how much I needed to read to reach my height. Out of curiosity, I stacked the books I read this year to see how tall the pile is. XD

the leaning tower of books of 2009 )
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Good grief. I came home from work feeling exhausted for no real reason, and took a nap that lasted four hours. I just woke up about half an hour ago -- now it's about twenty to midnight. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to fall asleep tonight.

Uh. Anyway. So. I am now wrangling tags for AO3. It is Renay's fault, as always. ♥ Everyone! Go request an invite! The queue looks pretty long, but you'll get to the front reasonably fast.

I've claimed the Lymond Chronicles (yeah, yeah, I know) which right now has only two fics in the fandom. Post more Lymond fics, people! Well, probably no one reading this post is even reading the books, let alone writing for them, but! Oh well. At least now I have both [personal profile] renay and [livejournal.com profile] arianur starting the first book! Though I was just flipping through The Game of Kings last night and found myself shaking my head -- I'll be lucky if they don't run for cover by the time Lymond utters his first line. It made no sense whatsoever to me the first time I read it. XD

Also pre-emptively claimed the House of Niccolò series, assuming fic about that gets posted. (It was in the Yuletide request list! I still have hope!)

I'm also wrangling the tags for Xenosaga. Xenosaga is, um, a bit of a strange choice -- I'm familiar with the canon and comfortable with all the PS2 games, and I know where to go to look up information about the characters, even those in the DS/cellphone/whatever platform games I've never played (plus manga, which exists but I've never read, plus anime, which I did watch and wasn't very impressed by it), but I know nothing of the fandom itself. Never bothered with the fandom, really, so whatever conventions it has completely escapes me right now.

So I am adopting it for now, and if anyone more knowledgeable comes by and wants it, I'll be happy to hand it over.


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