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I meant to do this each week, in groups of sevens, but I . . . just kept getting too mired in other things? So here it is, at the end of the Three Weeks celebration -- I think it's a good introductory thing especially with all the folks from the subscription memes around. Hello!

1. Why did you sign up for Dreamwidth?
Mostly I've been disillusioned by LiveJournal by the time, and [personal profile] afuna had talked a bit about Dreamwidth in her journal. I was curious, so I came along to see what it was like, and enjoyed being here, so I decided to stay. :D It's also thanks to [personal profile] afuna that I got an invite before open beta started. I converted my account to a paid account almost immediately after payment options were available, and I'm happy to report I love it here still.

2. Why did you choose your journal name?
It's my name. :) A diminutive of my legal name, and it's what people in real life actually call me. It's a pretty common Malay girl's name; there was always another Yati in my year when I was at school.

another 19 questions under the cut )
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So. Three weeks for Dreamwidth is back! Lots of activities going on at [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw. There seems to be memes of Frequently (or Not So Frequently) Asked Questions About [Stuff], with [Stuff] being anything from fandom to science to Wales, and it looks pretty interesting!

Other things of interest:
-- Small Fandoms Subscription Meme -- the entry for The Lymond Chronicles is here (shut up, you knew that was coming)
-- a Feedback Fest -- a comment rec fest, reccing anything from fic to art to crafts hosted on Dreamwidth.

Also a number of fandom-specific meme/activities going on. Excellent opportunity to meet new people, but new fandoms are scary. XD

Last year I said I was going to try to post more often. It didn't work out at all. I'm horrible at posting; if anything I'm getting worse. I think, somewhere in the last two years, I grew somewhat paranoid and somehow ended up convinced that things that I post must be interesting or intelligent that I ended up not posting at all. Ha ha. Who was I kidding. I should stop keeping my drafts in Google Docs and just edit them and post them here.

But anyway. 3W4DW. I'm not sure I can commit extensively to anything this time, my brain is a bit frozen with too many things being filed in, but if there's anything you'd like me to ramble about, just ask! Fandom, books, video games, television series that I am horribly behind, lopsided attempts at crafting, whatever comes to mind. I shall do my best.

Now I think I shall go around and subscribe to more people. Hello!
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Today I want to share pictures of my garden!

Clicking on the pictures will take you to Flickr, where you can find larger versions of them. I guess that somewhat goes against the spirit of having all content exclusive to Dreamwidth, but I don't think posting the gigantic size versions here will endear me to anyone!

Do you see a bird in the midst of all those heliconias? Look closely. Look very, very closely.

bird + heliconias

a more obvious shot of the bird, some flowers )
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I think I'll share something about sewing and mathematics today, and get to other things later. I can see people running away at the mention of maths. Come back and look at the pictures -- there are no equations, I swear!

in which I make something that has a fancy name but is actually a pincushion )

I also found the community [community profile] intertwined. Maths + crafty things ftw! Now I want to get back to crocheting or take up knitting so I can crochet/knit hyperbolic planes. XD


Other things of interest:
• There is a small fandoms friending meme going on! I have added Dorothy Dunnett's The Lymond Chronicles here. (Can you hear the crickets chirping?)
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Okay! Three weeks for Dreamwidth starts today -- well, it was yesterday, but my internet connection was acting up and I'm finally posting this after midnight, past my bedtime. Details here: [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw, but I have no plans! Is there anything in particular I should blather about? (Not that I have been posting much lately, but hey, that could change.) Suggestions? Anyone?

I'll just paste this thing here that I copied over from the latest things "threeweeks" feed:

What kind of topics/entries would you like to see me posting about? Any particular questions you've always wanted to ask me but have resisted because the answer would be a huge essay? Ever want to wind me up and watch me go on a particular topic? Anything you've heard me say "I should write that entry about $foo I've been meaning to write" and have been patiently waiting for?

I'll even write drabbles! Or thoughts on books I've read -- there's a list here. Or post some pictures. I've always wanted to post pictures (but not of myself -- a bit too paranoid for that.)


FFEX! Posting deadline is less than a month away! Should I start panicking now?

Dear gifter, if you are lurking about, I hope you are having/will be having(/had?) fun with my requests. Nothing in any of those have to be pairings, and I think most of those had additional prompts at the end which are completely optional. Completely. I'm a very easy person to please.

As for the prompts I got, I like them, but I have no idea where to go with them! I can write scenes for them but not a coherent story. I despair when I think about plot.


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