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Saturday, 6 October 2012 04:21 pm
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The Oxford English Dictionary Word of the Day is time traveller!

Here, have some links to some Pond fic, Amy/Rory (Doctor Who, doesn't include the current season yet but best to assume that there are spoilers). I think most of those are happy fic, though I can't guarantee it -- some of those links are pretty old.


So I went to Edinburgh and London and Paris and came back, and it was all good fun and adventures and I keep meaning to write and post photos but at the rate that I’m going it’s going to take me two years to get everything sorted. The evils of digital cameras -- you just snap snap snap photos and suddenly discover that you have eight hundred of them.

I’ve been posting bits of photos at Tumblr under the "summer 2012" tag, but so far only photos of the first day is up. It’ll be completed. Eventually.

Speaking of Tumblr, I'm currently using yatii for things I post and yatiii (there's an extra 'i') for fandom/reblogs/other stuff. Mostly because of reasons.

Tumblr makes me feel old. I’m 32.


Other things!

I'm slowly moving my bookmarks from private to public on Pinboard. It's something I've been meaning to do since I migrated my bookmarks from my Delicious account but I kept putting it off. It's mostly fic, though the occasional article or review or recipe or sewing pattern appears now and then. There's no meticulous organisation to my bookmarks, though I tag consistently enough that I can (almost) always drill down and find what it is I had saved earlier.
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So! There have been things happening, and I keep meaning to post stuff but I never do. I feel like I'm composing entries in my head all the time. They just never make it to the keyboard.

But the most exciting thing is that the trip in September is confirmed! Actually it was confirmed ages ago; I can never remember who I've told about it. Now the itinerary is Edinburgh-London-Paris, though we're actually kinda stumped about Paris. I think we had the vague idea about going up the Eiffel Tower and going to a museum or two and then sitting on a terrace outside a café while drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes, though only two of us drink coffee and I don't think anyone actually smokes. (There are only three of us. We'll be there for four days.)

London's mostly sorted, I think. Edinburgh is some vague plans that involve looking at castles and possibly hills (and I fear there may be reenactments of scenes of Jon Snow's angst on the Wall) and even more vague plans of visiting Lymond-related sites (yeah, yeah, I know). Suggestions of places to visit are most welcomed!


Where I disappear to when I am not here: work, mostly. I still can't quite tell whether I'm extraordinarily busy or I just like complaining more than other people. Maybe they're just as busy but not saying anything? But yeah, lots of work.
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The London trip is now a bit more real -- I have finally renewed my passport! It expired in 2001. 2001. This trip has morphed, somewhere along the way, into the UK trip, and in the last few hours Paris and Rome sneaked into the picture. More like Paris or Rome, not both cities; I still can't choose.

I was reading Connie Willis's All Clear in the bus this morning (time travelling historians trapped in London during the blitz) and realised with a start that I could be seeing the places in this book soon and I was so filled with glee that I couldn't concentrate on the book very well. (I'm glad the book is here, though. I was fretting for the characters at the end of Blackout.)

Also a short trip to Langkawi is also confirmed at the end of March, because [personal profile] arianur is a superhero and could juggle 2,231,594 things at once while I struggle to get one thing done. We have flight tickets and accommodation and a few days by the beach (and maybe shopping).

This weekend will be spent with [personal profile] arianur, perhaps by buying buttons and watching tv and eating sotong goreng tepung even though I am somewhat allergic to squid.


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