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So, a quick one:

• I've been busy and tired and horrible lately, especially at commenting and keeping in contact. I'm taking three days off work starting Wednesday, though I can't promise I'd actually do anything useful within that time. Plans right now mostly consist of going back to my hometown to see my parents.

• I don't think I've read a single book this month. I am rather aghast by this. Despite being aghast, I still haven't managed to concentrate on anything for more than a few pages, and this scares me somewhat. I seem to be reading more fic, though. The more interesting ones are linked up at delicious.com.

• Too much TV hurts your brain. I should know this. I've been watching I don't know how many episodes of FlashForward on the new channel, though like most things that deal with time travel (admittedly no one is time travelling per se in this one, but still) it takes an effort from me not to let my head explode.

And now I disappear again! Good night!
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Har har FFEX. What was I thinking. (Edit: OMG. Look at the cute Squall here. LOOK. I shall work for my accomplishment sticker!)

Prompts are out! Check your email! Read the assignments! Panic! Now I need to set aside time to make sure I get this done! While I think I won't have too much problems completing the assignment (1000 words!), making myself coherent while telling a worthwhile story would probably be quite a task. >.>

I feel like I'm relearning to write fic -- it's been too long since my last attempt.



Apparently my other assignment, this time from my lunch buddies, is to watch True Blood season one. I'm the only one who hasn't watched it, and they keep nagging me about it. Do you hear guys? NAGGING. I wonder if I can nag them into a group reading of a YA novel. Just to be fair, you know? Let everyone share everyone else's interests? :P

I've never been much of a fan of vampires. My experience is limited to one Anne Rice book (was it The Vampire Lestat? I know it wasn't The Interview with the Vampire), some Christopher Pike books (and what was with that ending, sir? It was almost as bad as "and it was all a dream"!), possibly something by Stephen King (The Shining? probably the movie, not the book).

I don't know whether it's hilarious or it's just that I have a one-track mind that when Fazi asked me whether I wanted to watch True Blood my reaction was something like, "that show based on those books by Charlaine Harris?" Haven't read the books, can't say I have any intention to either.

Oh well. As long as no one forces Twilight on me, I'll live. It's amazing, really, the power of the internet -- I haven't even read the books, yet when someone even mentions Edward Cullen I shudder in horror. Not because of the vampire factor, oh no -- it's because people whose tastes I trusts and are similar to mine dislike the book(s) with a passion. (My youngest sister, when asked, said that the book was "stupid". She falls within the target age group of the books. She loves John Green. Of course I trust this succinct review of hers.)

I'll be back with a report on True Blood. A report, I say!


Other things this weekend:

  • finish a sewing project that got halted because I got the measurements wrong (ha ha).

  • perhaps poke the stylesheet this journal is using and see if I can make it conform to the guidelines for submission we have here at [site community profile] dreamscapes -- give it a go, guys! It's fully CSS, no S2 involved, I swear!

  • uh. There was something I wanted to look at about version control on your local machine but I think I'll just leave that off for now (though suggestions of what programs I should look at are welcome!). It's not just code getting messy anymore; even fic drafts are all over the place.

  • finish that Douglas Adams book (currently reading Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency -- I've only got to the part where the detective agency makes an appearance) and maybe start Dunnett's Scales of Gold.

  • sleep! And not be a zombie on Monday.

Weekends need to be longer!


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