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This hasn't been a very good week.

I've had a persistent sore throat that doesn't seem to want to go away no matter what I do, and it makes me feel as if I'm about to come down with a flu. Ergh. No amount of gargling or throat lozenges is doing the trick -- this might mean a visit to the clinic. :(

I've been coming home from work feeling tired and out of sorts, and I've been getting nothing done the last week. Lack of motivation: check. It's been so bad that I'm not even doing the simple things that can be done in minutes, like generating the diff for a patch for bug 1886. (It's already done -- the work is all there. I just need to generate the patch again because of, uh, I'm not entirely sure what happened, probably some Unfortunate Event between ftp-ing it over and uploading it to Bugzilla. Alas.)

I am also trying, at this very moment, to complete my self-appraisal for my performance review at work. Last week had been just too busy for me to sit down and think of things to put in the appraisal -- where are the holidays? they need to be here now -- my manager kindly gave me a few extra days to get it done. The page containing the . . . scoring card? I'm not sure what people call these things . . . has this funky sidebar that slides down the page when you scroll. It annoys the heck out of me. It's not even particularly useful; none of the information in it is anything that you'd need to refer to all the time.

Also I've realised (hah) that I have a tendency to sound either self-deprecating or sarcastic in writing, especially when I write about myself, and this doesn't translate very well in performance appraisal forms. I keep finding myself having to delete stuff I've written, and now I'm looking blankly at the "specific examples" areas for all the indicators.

Oh well. Let's stick to bullet points then.


Reading-wise: I've finished Stephen Hunt's The Court of the Air, which I didn't like very much. It's the first book in a series. This is rather unfortunate, because I was recommended the second book in the series, The Kingdom Beyond the Waves, and I thought I might as well start from the beginning. I'll try post a longer write-up for it later.

Kind of hit a snag in reading Dorothy Dunnett's Gemini -- it's sitting on my desk waiting for me to pick it up again.

Nanowrimo: as predicted, it is going nowhere. (For the curious, the total wordcount is now 0. If it was possible for it to be a negative number, it would be one.)
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