Sunday, 15 May 2011

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The Doink! Final Fantasy Exchange Collection 2011 and the Moogle Fluff Collection 2011 are open! \o/

I received three gifts! Three! One is a gorgeous piece of art by [ profile] cumuluscastle: Mods de Chocobo, FFVIII. It's of Selphie and Irvine riding a chocobo and is very, very lovely; you should take a look even if you don't know the fandom.

The other two are fic:

The first one is by [ profile] Icicle_streams, This is our world now, FFX/X-2, about Yuna after the Eternal Calm, and how the changes are wonderful but not quite enough for her. I liked the wistful tone of the whole piece.

The second is by [ profile] lescafenix, All Work and No Play Makes Life a Beach, a delightful piece about Gippal sneakily tricking Baralai to a beach vacation in Besaid. I had fun reading this one!

I wrote one fic, for [ profile] darthneko: More Than Enough, FFVIII, Squall/Laguna slice-of-life . . . thingy.

And there are lots more of fic and art posted in both collections! \o/
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I meant to do this each week, in groups of sevens, but I . . . just kept getting too mired in other things? So here it is, at the end of the Three Weeks celebration -- I think it's a good introductory thing especially with all the folks from the subscription memes around. Hello!

1. Why did you sign up for Dreamwidth?
Mostly I've been disillusioned by LiveJournal by the time, and [personal profile] afuna had talked a bit about Dreamwidth in her journal. I was curious, so I came along to see what it was like, and enjoyed being here, so I decided to stay. :D It's also thanks to [personal profile] afuna that I got an invite before open beta started. I converted my account to a paid account almost immediately after payment options were available, and I'm happy to report I love it here still.

2. Why did you choose your journal name?
It's my name. :) A diminutive of my legal name, and it's what people in real life actually call me. It's a pretty common Malay girl's name; there was always another Yati in my year when I was at school.

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