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The London trip is now a bit more real -- I have finally renewed my passport! It expired in 2001. 2001. This trip has morphed, somewhere along the way, into the UK trip, and in the last few hours Paris and Rome sneaked into the picture. More like Paris or Rome, not both cities; I still can't choose.

I was reading Connie Willis's All Clear in the bus this morning (time travelling historians trapped in London during the blitz) and realised with a start that I could be seeing the places in this book soon and I was so filled with glee that I couldn't concentrate on the book very well. (I'm glad the book is here, though. I was fretting for the characters at the end of Blackout.)

Also a short trip to Langkawi is also confirmed at the end of March, because [personal profile] arianur is a superhero and could juggle 2,231,594 things at once while I struggle to get one thing done. We have flight tickets and accommodation and a few days by the beach (and maybe shopping).

This weekend will be spent with [personal profile] arianur, perhaps by buying buttons and watching tv and eating sotong goreng tepung even though I am somewhat allergic to squid.


Date: 19 February 2012 05:46 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I know I said only one other European country, esp given we're saying it's two weeks, but seriously? Both would be excellent. Paris only wins (for me)because of chocolate croissants and The Impressionists. And isn't Paris the one with Van Gogh's Starry Night?

But this is wrinkling my brain. I request proper trip-planning meeting before the MATTA fair.

Also, I saw the other post, and I am putting my huge virtual foot down. We are definitely going on the London Eye because it's super-safe (it's built by British Airways!) and super-slow and it's all so super-lovely. Worth the admission.

(Also am talking to my friend in Edin, and she'll have graduated by then and starting work in Glasgow, but she could get her flatmates to have us during that time. She is the first real-life fandom person I ever met by utter accident (we compared TARDIS-hunting)and is lovely in a very quiet fandommy way.)


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