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It's a bit jarring when you're reading a very well written fic and find yourself stumbling across typos involving homophones. "Taught" instead of "taut" certainly made me blink, but I can brush off things like that, especially when the writing is good and the writer is not consistently misspelling the word -- you just miss some of those, sometimes. Which is why it is nice to have a beta reader, but that's another story altogether.

However, "ryely" almost made hit the back button, despite the fic being almost impeccable otherwise. Most likely because I didn't even recognise it as a word -- I'm pretty sure spellcheck would have caught that. It didn't help that it appeared a few times in the fic. Also, it gives me weird images. The only way, presumably, you can smile ryely is if you have a lot of that particular grain in your mouth.

I wonder about my standards, sometimes.


I need to go spend some quality time with the Wrangulator, but I keep getting distracted by fic!
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Things I found after tidying up my room:

  • my measuring tape
  • that thing you use to pick out stitches -- it went missing and I was lamenting its disappearance (do you know how difficult it is to pick out stitches without that thing?) and eventually found it inside a book. Uh. Apparently I had used it as a bookmark. Who would have guessed. >.>
  • two bookmarks (shut up)
  • my copy of The Game of Kings -- now I can join the reread! (And also stalk [personal profile] renay as she makes her way through the book. \o/)

In conclusion: I should clean up the room more frequently than once a fortnight.


Some friends were asking me how I manage to write so well. Uh. (My FFEX assignment would probably protest to that -- besides, it's all relative. I know lots of people who write better than I do.) But I manage to write as well as I do because I write, and I write properly. I know it's just a journal entry, or just an email to friends, but if you insist on spelling words the way they aren't actually spelt, or not hitting the Enter key and failing to split things into paragraphs, or overusing ellipses and not ending sentences with fullstops, there's no way you're going to get better at writing. In whatever language you choose to write in.

I'm not saying you have to be formal and rigid. Just try to follow spelling and grammar rules a bit closer, that's all! And don't shorten words to a point where all the vowels are gone and one needs to be an expert in crossword puzzles to figure out what it originally was.

I don't know whether it's ironic or just plain ridiculous it's the friends who are teachers who write these undecipherable emails/journal entries/posts in mailing lists, etc. Maybe it's just revenge at having to write all those reports for school. (Tangentially, I no longer know what "ironic" means. I blame Alanis Morisette.)

But seriously, guys, how did "boleh" manage to mutate into "blet"? It's not even how you pronounce the word!


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