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Wow, this place is full of cobwebs, pretty much like my brain.


I'm watching TV. NCIS is on, and it's the episode where Tony gets obsessed over a reporter gone missing. That basic premise is really similar to an episode of Numb3rs where Colby, well, obsesses over a missing reporter. He keeps watching footages of her, thinks he knows her better than anyone else. Tony is doing the same thing. The NCIS episode bugs me as much as the Numb3rs episode did, and I can't really pinpoint what it is that bothers me so much -- I think it's the stalking. It creeps me out.

. . . Oh. That didn't end happily. Poor Tony.

Now Criminal Minds is up (that probably won't end happily either). And then there's the NCIS: LA season finale.

I think I'm watching too many police procedurals.


I finally finished Iris Murdoch's The Sea, The Sea and I can't remember having so many unlikeable characters in one book -- I'm mildly amazed that I got to the end. Then I read Lev Grossman's The Magicians, which borders somewhere between interesting and slightly annoying and made me wonder whether the whole point was to rewrite and deconstruct Harry Potter. Also it had one of those endings that made me wonder whether it's just there to prove that hey, life sucks, that's just the way it is, or it's a set up for a sequel.

I've been reading more fic than anything else lately, though.
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Here's the thing with me and TV fandoms: we're never really in sync episode-wise. On TV here, most shows are about half a season to whole seasons behind. Sure, I can probably download and watch a few days behind the rest of the fandom, but I, uh, mostly can't be bothered, really. So when I finally get into a show (usually because I get the whole season on DVD or downloaded it or someone passes me something and goes "you must watch this!") it's ages after the other people watching it have moved along, and I'm left squeeing by myself. :( It also leaves me not knowing much about the fandom itself -- I tend to avoid spoilers, so I don't join the relevant communities.

Here's another thing: I never seem to dislike the characters everyone else seems not to like. Again, I'm not really sure how accurate my perception of this is, since I don't really go searching for discussions about episodes, etc, and usually just stumble upon these things when I go looking for fic.

That long prologue comes to this: I'm watching Numb3rs, somewhere in mid-season 3, and I rather like Amita, honestly. She's smart, she's pretty, and while she doesn't go around literally kicking ass and taking names, she does work on a lot of maths that help solve crimes. Yeah, she was a bit clingy to Charlie, especially in the first season, and at times I do get frustrated watching her always doing some sort of work for Charlie (doesn't she have classes, research, papers to write?), but despite that I still like her. One argument I read against her was that she was too pretty and I was baffled by it.

I also think Megan is pretty awesome.

Anyway. A weird thing about the show: while the maths seems valid (note: not a mathematician) the snippets of code you sometimes see around is somewhat iffy (note: not a programmer, either). I swear I saw bits of HTML when they were running an algorithm on a computer -- I can't remember what it was for, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have done what Charlie said it was doing, XD.

Also, I totally ship David/Colby now. Totally.
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I'm watching season 1 of Numb3rs and enjoying it very much. It's a show I've been watching on and off throughout the six seasons; I like it, but I could never manage to consistently catch it on TV. I know it airs (aired?) on Tuesdays here, but I'm horrible at tracking days and dates -- I always end up remembering much, much later (say, at almost midnight) and go, "Oh, it's Tuesday. I missed the show again." My memory is horrible like that.

I can't remember ever watching the pilot, though. Right now I'm just going "Ha!" at Charlie explaining that the chances of winning the lottery is once in every forty thousand years and saying it's basic probability theory. It's a bit startling to realise how oblivious he could be about some things; I remember more of the recent episodes than the earlier ones, so seeing him so vulnerable at times and cocky at others just makes me shake my head in wonder. Him rushing around in the FBI briefing room made me grin.

(Ahahaha, these guys are consistent. I just noticed that Charlie misspells "anomaly" in the pilot. I think someone points it out to him later in the series, when he spells it wrongly again and gets challenged to a game of Scrabble.)

Some of my friends accuse me of liking the show because of my engineering background. (Most of them just don't understand why I rate it higher than CSI.) That's . . . part of it, I guess. Mathematics fascinate me, though it has never been one of my stronger points. I know very little about the things Charlie talks on the show -- basic game theory, probability and statistics, some parts of the Fourier analysis, yeah, sure, I get some of that. The other things, not at all. Most of the time I just sort of gape at his analogies: he makes it sound so simple.

If only our lecturers made it that fun. And it would've helped if they were cute, heh.


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