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2012 felt like the year I trudged along, not really doing anything. It seems like I spent the whole year feeling off and gloomy and moping, even though I didn't have any particular reason to mope.

There were highlights, sure. I went to Edinburgh and London and Paris and it was lovely. I went in September. Mementos and photos from the trip are still unsorted and will probably remain forever unsorted (oh god the photos -- the evils of digital cameras, you can never stop taking pictures).

Other than that. Well. Due to crappy documentation (uh. new year's resolution: post here more?) I can't really remember what else happened this year? Work has been frustrating; I'm not sure whether it was work that made me mopey or that work got frustrating because of my mopeyness.

Randomly, other stuff:
• best movie I watched at the cinema was Life of Pi (I barely went to the cinema this year (what is this nonsense, did I turn into a hermit and not notice it?) -- I haven't seen both The Hobbit and Les MisĂ©rables), though I enjoyed The Avengers a lot.
• but oh, oh, Matilda the Musical is probably the best thing I watched this whole year -- I watched it at Cambridge Theatre while we were in London and it was awesome.
• best new-to-me tv series I started watching was Person of Interest; it's clever enough, and the over-the-top, rather cartoonish violence leaves me laughing. Come on, Reese throwing people out of windows despite the horrible odds against him will never stop being funny.
Doctor Who is probably still my favourite thing on tv, despite, you know, Ponds leaving and . . . stuff.
• best book I read this year is a tie between When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead and The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell.

You can still see the "Books read in 2012" list on the first page of my recent entry page. I post a reading list yearly at the start of the year; the 2012 list hasn't even moved down that page much. The list has eighteen books, which is something I find slightly alarming. I'm pretty sure I've never read less than twenty books a year before. Too busy moping, I suppose. Or too busy reading fanfic, I'm not really sure. (I got sucked into Stargate Atlantis, of all things. Yeah, yeah, I know. Very late to the party, as usual.)

It hasn't been a great year for writing, either. I barely posted here, I didn't write any fic, not even drafts. I didn't even sign-up for FFEX. It's mind-boggling.

Here's to better year ahead.
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