my poor car :(

Monday, 31 January 2011 11:25 am
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What I have right now is a headache.

Soooo. I have a car in the workshop and it will be stuck there for two weeks. I feel like banging my head against the desk.

Had dinner with my sister yesterday, since it was her birthday. It was a rather nice dinner, too. Unfortunately it was a rainy day and the road was slippery and the guy behind us was a bit too close and hit the brakes a bit too late, so he hit my car with a bang. Not hard enough to cause the airbags to deploy, but loud enough to make me think the whole car had fallen apart. It hadn't -- the left rear lights and bumper and things within that vicinity got sheared off and crumpled and broken pretty bad, but the car was still able to move. Now I get to deal with things like repairs and insurance and quite possibly negotiating public transport.

So there was a visit to the police station, and I must say I do not know how a place that empty can have service that slow. It seemed like we had to wait forever for a constable behind a computer to pass me a printout of my report. She didn't even have to type it out -- I had typed it out myself when I filed it; they have an online system. Which looked like it was designed in the 1990s.

I have no idea how I'm going to get to work the next two weeks. Two weeks! The repairs are taking that long (or maybe longer) because the workshop is closed most of this week for Chinese New Year. I took today off to deal with . . . things. Thursday and Friday are public holidays, so that's another two days I don't have to worry about. Tuesday and Wednesday . . . I wonder if I can get them to let me work from home, it's not like I have anything urgent that I need to finish from the office anyway.

I also have a headache from not enough sleep -- everything got settled around 1 am last night and then I was too agitated to fall asleep.

Arrrgh. The universe is conspiring against me.
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Waaaah. My notebook's monitor just died a violent and sudden death. The computer can still boot up; I was able to log in while the screen flickered and wavered, but it's quite impossible to do anything using it right now. I probably could try connecting it to another monitor but that's just too much effort.

Now I'm using my brother's old laptop, which has an odd keyboard (and you need to punch in the key to get a comma) and is surprisingly slow even though it is actually newer than the monitor-dead notebook. (I am frugal. Sue me.) I was planning to get a new computer anyway, but the old one did not have to die -- I was planning great things for it! Like installing Ubuntu! And stuff! ;_;

The earliest I can send the notebook for repairs is next weekend. Which is also, incidentally, when I had planned to get a new one. I didn't even tell it my plans and it sprung its revenge on me! O, how could you, once trusty notebook!

Now I am slowly installing Firefox add-ons here with hopes that I will be able to manage for another week.


Here's my excuse for not watching True Blood this time -- it was on the other computer! >.<


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