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If I were to go to London in September or October (or perhaps later, though probably not in winter) what should I do? Where should I go? The plan is to stay for about two weeks, and right now it's only two of us, so other places we can get to by bus or . . . or whatever else it is people use to get around is ok, too! (You can see I haven't done my research. This was pretty much sprung on me and my response was "why the hell not".)

I've never been to London before. I haven't been outside Malaysia in ages; last time was probably ten years ago? So yeah. Everything will be wonderful and new. So. Suggestions?

Date: 11 February 2012 04:11 am (UTC)
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a) Buy oyster cards (or whatever it is they're called in London). That gives you access to subway trains and buses, and is very helpful for getting around! You just have to top up every once in a while, then tap through. You have to pay an extra £5 for the card *but* you can sell back the card and any unused amount at the station at the end of your trip

b) watch a play :D If you're so inclined! My biggest regret was that I didn't end up going to any plays in London, but there are plenty around >_>

c) tourist-y areas include piccadilly circus, the h... park. ugh I forgot the one but it's huge and is right in the center of the city and it's gorgeous. Um fair warning,

d) tower of london? historical etc. I wanted to go but ended up passing it up in favor of heading out on a ferry ride to see the greenwich meridian. (that was also fun but it'll take up the entire afternoon to get there and back *g*)

e) westminster abbey? I wandered around and saw the outsides of westminster abbey / parliament / big ben, but didn't pay to go into the abbey. Heh. Well worth a looksee if you have the time though, even if it's just the outside ;-)

f) oooh if you want ice cream, I can recommend you this awesome ice cream place, especially if you're headed near the zoo

g) another quintessential london feature is the London Eye -- gigantic ferris wheel, which you might be familiar with from Doctor Who. I didn't go because ummm yeah I'm scared of heights, but it's hard to miss *g*

Date: 11 February 2012 07:59 am (UTC)
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Haha! As it so happens I just drew up a super detailed London itinerary suggestions for a friend who is also going to London soon, it's on google docs. It's catered to her likes and interests, but if you're looking for ideas, I can invite you/give you the link?
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