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The Doink! Final Fantasy Exchange Collection 2011 and the Moogle Fluff Collection 2011 are open! \o/

I received three gifts! Three! One is a gorgeous piece of art by [archiveofourown.org profile] cumuluscastle: Mods de Chocobo, FFVIII. It's of Selphie and Irvine riding a chocobo and is very, very lovely; you should take a look even if you don't know the fandom.

The other two are fic:

The first one is by [archiveofourown.org profile] Icicle_streams, This is our world now, FFX/X-2, about Yuna after the Eternal Calm, and how the changes are wonderful but not quite enough for her. I liked the wistful tone of the whole piece.

The second is by [archiveofourown.org profile] lescafenix, All Work and No Play Makes Life a Beach, a delightful piece about Gippal sneakily tricking Baralai to a beach vacation in Besaid. I had fun reading this one!

I wrote one fic, for [archiveofourown.org profile] darthneko: More Than Enough, FFVIII, Squall/Laguna slice-of-life . . . thingy.

And there are lots more of fic and art posted in both collections! \o/
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I posted my [community profile] ff_exchange fic with four hours to spare! >.>

To clarify, that is actually Not a Good Thing, mostly because of my perfectionist tendencies. I usually reread fics multiple times before posting, often after setting it aside for a couple of days, and this one didn't get the same treatment. I finished writing it around seven hours before the deadline, and spent the rest of the time polishing it and going /o\ at how I keep thinking it's perfectly adequate, but not great. The last month has been somewhat stressful and I've had too many things on my mind (god it's been so, so hard to concentrate on anything) and I've been writing the fic in a rather distracted fashion, not quite knowing what I really wanted to do with it.

Also this is the first fic I've written since last year's exchange (yes, this very same Doink! Final Fantasy Exchange) and I am so out of practice. It's alarming that it's becoming a pattern -- the last three things I wrote were all for Doink! and the only reason I finished those fics is because I committed myself when I signed up and I dislike the thought of defaulting. Perhaps the solution to this is to go join more challenges, but I'm afraid the persistent anxiety of wanting to please the recipient will kill me. I've always been more worried whether or not someone will like what I wrote for them more than anything else when it comes to fic exchanges. Deadlines and word counts don't particularly scare me, even though I've been known to use the latter as an excuse.

But it's done now, and posted, and I'm crossing my fingers hoping that the recipient will like it! Reveals are in less than a week.

Also: Moogle Fluff is open and you can participate even if you didn't sign up for the exchange!


Anyway. Between posting and riffling through folders with names that were mostly incomprehensible, I found a number of WIPs and ficlets and lines of dialogue from goodness knows when from a few different fandoms. I'm slowly sorting through these and trying to figure out what's worth continuing and finishing, and what should be considered as lost causes. There's one longish FFVIII fic -- more like a collection of scenes, rather -- that's been around for ages; it seems like the problem with it is I don't know whether or not I should break Squall and Rinoa up. (I think it was originally written for a challenge to "subvert your OTP" or some such thing; the notes to it are too vague for me to figure it out now.)

There's a Danny Phantom fic that's too angsty and has no resolution. There's a FFX/FFVIII crossover that's messy and convoluted, but I like the ideas in it even though I don't know which direction it's supposed to go now.

. . . I was quite surprised by some of these. A sort of bemused "I wrote that?" more than anything, especially when I realised that I had laughed while I was reading some of these things, and I wrote those and I have always been so critical of my own writing. I'm not even sure I can write like that any more.
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Why is it when it's something about Gaza and Palestine there's almost no noise at all about it? From BBC News: Deaths as Israeli forces storm Gaza aid ship; from Malaysia's The Star, which reports: Two Malaysians on board aid ship attacked by Israeli warship.

I find this completely unacceptable.

Sigh. With that, on to what I was originally going to post. This was drafted earlier, when I wasn't feeling all that disgruntled with the world.

Final Fantasy Exchange gifts were revealed last week! (This journal: definitely not the place to find breaking news.) I'm just glad to say I had managed to escape from being doinked by the tonberry, even with my horrible last minute efforts.

Here's the gift I received, Forget-me-not by Person, and I love how it fits neatly into the FFVIII canon. It's about Ellone and Irvine, and being the only ones who remember, and I really like how Irvine is portrayed in this.

There are lots more stuff posted at the exchange here: DOINK! Final Fantasy Exchange 2010 so go take a look. I haven't found the chance yet to trawl the archive, but I'm sure there are a lot of awesome stuff.

Like this piece of fanart, Valediction (Final Fantasy X, Yuna and her aeons), by [personal profile] cumuluscastle which is so gorgeous, omg, and so soft and sad.

adventures in tonberry dodging (or, what I wrote for the exchange) )


Now I have to go and relinquish my claim on bug #1813 before I forget. Poor bug. I can't seem to find time for it, and each time I look at it after a few days, I forgot what it was I had done earlier. Another note to self: don't claim these CSS bugs any more, please, you'll just make yourself feel horrible later. >.> I should finish up poor Strata instead, and get a patch for it submitted, and help cut down the number of styles that need conversion in [site community profile] dreamscapes.
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Gong xi fa cai! (I am late, as usual.)


So. It has been a long weekend here since we got Monday and Tuesday off for Chinese New Year. It's been an ok long weekend, I guess! No beaches, but maybe next time. I miss beaches. But! No worries! I have seven days off that I have to take because I haven't taken a single day this year and I have seven days carried forward from last year and I have to use them up by end of March (sounds like bad planning, doesn't it, or perhaps bad policy-making, but nothing much I can do about the latter) but the thing is I'm pretty much busy until the first week of March and there is no way out of it and I am feeling mostly resigned about the whole thing because I could have said no but I didn't and decided to take this on anyway so now I'm stuck with this mess. Sucks to be me, eh.

Read some books this weekend. Short ones, mostly. I seem to be having a lot of trouble finishing books lately. My attention simply wanders, and I can't focus enough to get through the pages. It's not just books I'm having trouble with, I guess -- I can't concentrate on code either, and I find myself spacing off while watching TV (or completely forgetting that I wanted to watch something on TV, like the episode of Supernatural that was on yesterday, oops).

Somehow, perhaps to make up for the books I haven't been reading, I ended up reading Star Wars AU fic. I . . . am not even sure how I got there; I've never been particularly interested in the fandom before. It's probably Kathy Tyers's The Truce at Bakura's fault. I read the book and found myself thinking, Oh come on. There must be better fic than this around! and ended up reading fic. Very long fic. Fic better than books fic. And I love AUs. Especially vast, detailed ones. Though not high school ones, even if they were detailed. You know, a long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, there used to be a difference between an alternate reality and an alternate universe -- one is where something changes in the original canon universe and causes different outcomes and another is where you'll inexplicably find everyone in a high school setting, but maybe I'm just a fandom dinosaur. (I can't remember which one is which any more anyway.)

Anyway! Star Wars AU! I'm mostly fascinated by the variations of:

  1. Luke and Vader go on a camping trip end up working together. Sometimes, they save the galaxy. The permutations seem infinite: Vader finds Luke as a child; or Luke still ends up in Vader's clutches even after jumping down the gantry, poor boy (this seems a popular one); or Anakin Skywalker doesn't go evil; or Luke somehow joins Vader even before getting his hand cut off; or old Ben makes a disastrous decision and tells Luke the truth about his father; or a thousand other things
  2. Luke turns to the dark side (and somehow or other ends up saving the galaxy anyway).

Here's one in the vein of (i): Between Flight and Longing by Sheila Snow, where Han, Luke and Darth Vader end up working together on a backwater planet finding a cure for a mysterious illness, and it's seriously epic. The writing is wonderful and Luke is Luke, and Vader is almost human while still being an evil Sith lord and Han is absolutely awesome.

Hm. Maybe I should come up with a list of fics later. I have a few bookmarked.

Also, skimming through fic summaries I accidentally found out what happens to some of the characters in the books and ended up having my heart broken, despite having only ever read one book from the New Jedi Order. Sad.
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Wow. I wrote one (1) piece of fanfic the entire year. I didn't think of this earlier, but with all the 2009 recap posts I've been seeing, I began wondering what did I do the whole of last year, fanworks-related, and . . . there you go.

It's this one: On the Precipiece of the World; Final Fantasy X, about 6,400 words. And it was for Final Fantasy Exchange. If I hadn't participated in that, I would've written nothing.

I am boggled by this! Boggled!

A few minutes have passed . . . and I am still boggled.

. . .

Anyway. In other things: I got involved with Dreamwidth somewhat, and submitted two patches, both style-related. I still have one assigned bug to my name: #1813. Whoops. I keep saying I'd get that done, but I still haven't. I feel bad about it. I also have a style I keep "improving" on; I should really get it done with and submit it. And I should try something other than styles, really. One thing I wanted to do was learn Perl, and I guess this year would be a good time for that.

I also got dragged into tag wrangling for AO3, which is surprising addictive. Probably even more addictive than code, imagine that! Though it has managed to get me curious about what happens behind the scenes -- I'm tempted to go over and volunteer myself as a coder. But! I am torn! Because I can't learn too many things at one go, and they use Ruby and I already promised myself I'd do more for Dreamwidth. Hmmmmm.

I went around and subscribed to a number of people that I've been seeing around and I think are awesome! If you came by to see who is this [personal profile] yati who has this sudden interest in you -- that would be me. Hello!
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Hey guys! Anyone got any Harry Potter femslash recs? Hermione/Ginny would be nice, but anything well-written and enjoyable will do. I need to spam someone with those. XD XD

Why? Here's an IM conversation, edited for sanity's sake, and posted with the other party's full consent, heh.

I can't believe you didn't know about fanfic. I should have educated you sooner. )

A lot of flailing around ensued. And then I tried to pitch Archive of Our Own again. :P


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